About Terri

Terri has fought for parental rights by exposing sexually explicit and harmful material that has been made available to underage students in the middle and high schools. This educationally void, obscene material has been entering the libraries without parental knowledge or consent for years, some for decades. Most of these books meet every objective and legal definition of obscenity, which is illegal to distribute to minors, unless, apparently, you are in a Nebraska public school or public library. 

Terri exposed the truth to parents whose children are affected and to taxpayers who have been paying for these inappropriate materials. 

As a member of the American Civics Committee, Terri is also seeking to put our money and focus back on a classical education. As part of this effort, she has expressed her concerns regarding the use of curriculum based on Social Emotional Learning  (SEL) currently being used and even more being considered for purchase. The Handbook of Social and Emotional Learning states, “A transformative society is the stated goal of SEL." This is not an American value, it is a Marxist ideology. The only transformation our schools need is to get out of social engineering and get back to educating. 

Terri promised to bring transparency and accountability to the school board. This began by being the ONE AND ONLY candidate who ran for office in 2022 who offered any information to you as a voter. She held a campaign kick-off, she published a website outlining her platform in detail, and she alone provided answers to Voter Information Guide so you could vote for policies you supported, not just a name on a ballot. Since being on the school board, she has been very responsive to the community, even many who are trying to recall her. She held a public Town Hall to face her opposition head on and answer any question put to her, from friend or foe. (You can view the entire Town Hall here.) Terri has met in person with multiple people who oppose her to discuss their concerns. Her goal through this entire process has been to model civil discourse to our students and our community. Through very personal attacks, false allegations, outright slander, having her social media cloned and used for malicious intent, all while facing recalls for HALF of her first year on the board, Terri has continued to work diligently on the board, and conduct herself with grace that she fully attributes to her solid faith in Christ.