I am pleased to endorse Terri Cunningham Swanson to be retained on the  Plattsmouth school board.  I am glad that Terri is focused on protecting the children in the community from exposure to adult materials.  I urge you to vote NO on the recall ballot.

Thank you,

Senator Rob Clements 

I stand with Terri and Nebraska parents in the battle against sexualizing our kids. We need safe environments that promote higher standards of education in our schools. Our kids deserve our best. Vote NO!

Kirk Penner
District 5
Nebraska State Board of Education

As a Boy Scout leader, bus driver, father of two successful adult children, business owner, coach, grandfather and part-time teacher, I’m stunned that we are trying to remove a board member that supports parents' rights and protecting children’s purity. 

Every child is forced to wear eye protection and gloves in science, when doing the safest experiments with common household chemicals. All because 1 in 50,000 kids rub their eyes or have an accident. An accident that 99.9% results in slight temporary discomfort, at best. 

Yet the recall group wants to continue to ignore parents concerns over obscene material and risk our kids developing life long trauma from exposure to adult content. Vote no to give parents the choice. Vote no to allow our school board to continue to have the balance our kids deserve. It’s not about religion, it’s not about banning free speech for anyone, it’s not about keeping parents in control of their kids learning. Vote no to get our kids' focus back on history and learning useful skills. Help Terri continue to keep parents in charge of education.

Justin & Trinity Jensen